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Since 1983, Fondazione FARO has been assisting people with advanced stage diseases with specialist palliative care, giving value to every single day. FARO's multidisciplinary team consists of professionals specialized in palliative care; volunteers, who receive specific training, also collaborate alongside them.

FARO is close to the patients and their families, at home and in its Hospices, creating relationships based on respect and sensitivity.

The assistance service is totally free of charge for the patient and his family, thanks to the contribution of the local health authorities and the generosity of the many donors and organizations that support us every day.


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Fondazione FARO believes in a model of assistance that takes care of the person in every aspect, where the patient is at the center of his treatment pathway and where all the operators are present to ensure the best quality of life, also through the support for his family.

FARO firmly believes in the protection of the right (Law n. 38/2010 in Italy) for people affected by chronic and evolutionary diseases to receive specialist assistance, in their own homes and in Hospices, with the comfort and affection of their loved ones.

Home care allows patients to receive palliative care in the reassuring environment of their own house, with regular visits and support from our multidisciplinary teams. In 2021 we were able to assist over 1,100 people in their homes, staying close to the patient and his loved ones. 

A welcoming environment has been created in the FARO Hospices to assist families with a specialist treatment plan, continuously remodeled on the needs of the patients by our multidisciplinary teams. FARO assists around 500 people a year in its Hospices. 

Fondazione FARO with its operators and volunteers always remains close to the families, during and after the pathway of illness, with specific projects and concrete help.

FARO takes care of every aspect of life: from clinical needs to emotional and psychological needs, and also the simplest aspects of daily life. In our Hospices, we create recreational and community spaces for the patient and his loved ones. 

For Fondazione FARO research is necessary to improve the quality of care and of life. In the same way, we believe that continuous training is essential for operators and volunteers.